Assess Your Beliefs Regarding Sex and Sexuality

This is a True/False test to identify your attitudes, knowledge and feelings. Couples should indicate T or F beside each question and then discuss.

  1. Each sexual experience should involve mutual desire and arousal.

  2. It is crucial for the women to be orgasmic at each sexual encounter.

  3. Sexually satisfied couples have simultaneous orgasms at least half the time.

  4. The more intimate the couple, the more erotic the sex is.

  5. In order to have a satisfying sexual encounter, both people should feel desirous before
    touching begins.

  6. The male has to be receptive every time the female initiates sex.

  7. Each touching experience should proceed to orgasm; if not, “one or both” partners
    will feel cheated.

  8. Fantasying about another person means you want to have an affair.

  9. After play is only necessary if the women has not been orgasmic.

  10. Feelings of disappointment or anger must be resolved before being sexual.

  11. If X% of sexual encounters are dissatisfying or dysfunctional, this signals a major
    sexual problem.

  12. If one person wants to use erotic videos or sex toys, this is a sign of a lack of

  13. As long as you love each other and keep lines of communication open, sex will be

  14. It’s better if the man is the sexual initiator.

  15. If you aren’t having sex at least three times a week, you have inhibited sexual

Source: Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style: by Barry W. McCarthy and Emily McCarthy


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