Audrey's Ten Commandments of Love


1. Love thyself. Care for and nurture yourself. Then seek love from others.


2. Get your house in order.Stop the fantasies about what others owe you. "Rescue fantasies" don't create real and lasting love.


3. Respect love's power.Remember, love is not a medicine for all your emotional ills.


4. Thou shall not indulge in negativity.Redefine your love together and work to make positive change occur.


5. Thou shalt ask and you will receive.Ask directly for what you want and you will receive. Learn to be reasonable.


6. Thou shalt love unconditionally.Determine the difference between what you need and what you want as to show love.


7. Thou shalt neither a follower or a leader be.Real love works when both partners share power.


8. Thou shalt enjoy healthy sexual pleasures and emotional intimacy.There's no room for shame.


9. Thou shalt not throw the first stone.Humans make mistakes better referred to as growth experiences.


10. Thou shalt not allow fear to destroy good loving.Confront your fears honestly and remember to attack the problem and not the person.