What's Your Closeness Quotient?



Want to know if you're ready to bond with a soul mate? 
Answer the following questionnaire from Sheila Sharpe,
Psychotherapist and author of 
The Ways We Love: A Developmental Approach to Treating Couples (Guilford).
If you have difficulty with most of these questions — you may need counseling.
Can You:
  • Merge — get close for long periods without sex?
  • Accept — let go of rigid characteristics, be open to diverse partners and possibilities?
  • Give and receive — take a compliment, or graciously offer an extensive gift?
  • Let go — are you controlling, or obsessed with being psychologically superior?
  • Be a happy loser — are you always competing?
  • Take second place — do you always have to come before the dog, his kids, his parents, and his job?
  • Express anger appropriately — can you handle having your feelings hurt without giving in to an outburst or simmering with resentment?
  • Touch — are you comfortable with your body? Able to touch and be touched, and be sexual?