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Ever wonder why you can't find a romantic partner, but you can find a job, buy a house, and be successful in every area but your love life? Ever wonder if it is YOU


Individual Counseling will help you to figure out whether it is you, or them, or both!


Individual Sessions are often referred to as “one-on-one” with the therapist. You have complete control to explore things you might be afraid to share with a partner, friend, or family member.  Another advantage is that the time is all yours.  You can discuss sexual issues, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, fear of intimacy, addictions, and anger management problems.

Individual Sessions

Couples Sessions, open to ALL couples...Gay and Heterosexual, are also offered to partners experiencing conflict they can’t resolve, issues with intimacy (both sexual and emotional), and difficulty experiencing resolution for basic communication problems.  Couples are seen for an initial interview to acquire the history of their relationship patterns. After the initial interview, they will meet individually to collect their family and social history.

Couples Sessions
  • Do you no longer enjoy the mutual activities you used to?

  • Do you use extreme language when you fight (for example, “always” and “never”)?

  • Have you been spending less time together by choice?

  • Have you lost interest in sexual relations for the past two months?

  • Do you have sex with your partner – without feeling any sexual interest?

  • Do you argue about things that were not issues in the past?

  • Has the partnership had a major role change that is upsetting to the other partner or yourself (for example, a new baby, an elderly relative living with you, your step-children are moving in with you, a home foreclosure, or the breadwinner lost his/her employment)?

  • Has one of you kept a secret, had an affair, or been emotionally unavailable?

If you answered, “yes” to most of these questions, you and your partner could benefit from counseling to improve your relationship.

The following questions will help you as a couple to decide if you need to go to counseling:


8 Week Couple's Support Group Starting Soon!

  • Are you just realizing there are major problems in your marriage?

  • Have you been seeking a safe to work those issues out in?

  • Has the passion, intimacy, and love lessons gone out of your relationship?



    If so Join this support group!


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Pre-Marital Counsel

Have you ever wondered why over 50% of all marriages fail? It is because couples do not prepare properly in gaining the tools they need to create a successful, lasting, and loving marriage.


Want to Get a Jump Start onHaving a Healthy Marriage?


Contact us for Pre-Marital Counseling! Pre-Marriage Evaluation Test will be provided! Don't Assume Love is Enough!

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Support Groups

Confidential Therapies

Support Groups are offered for people who need the support of other individuals who can be objective about their issues.  These group sessions are part educational, therapeutic, and time limited (usually 8 weeks).  An interview session will be offered before the group begins.




Your Identification and any other information collected by Audrey Chapman during treatment may not be shared with anyone by law in the District of Columbia and at any time during or after treatment ends.


Ms. Chapman must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. The HIPAA law requires that personal healthcare information will not be disclosed by a therapist without the written consent of the client. 



Fee and flexible spending information will be provided in Counseling Packet mailed out to clients


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