Would Counseling Help?


The following questions will help you as a couple to decide if you need to go to counseling:

  • Do you no longer enjoy the mutual activities you used to?

  • Do you use extreme language when you fight (for example, “always” and “never”)?

  • Have you been spending less time together by choice?

  • Have you lost interest in sexual relations for the past two months?

  • Do you have sex with your partner – without feeling any sexual interest?

  • Do you argue about things that were not issues in the past?

  • Has the partnership had a major role change that is upsetting to the other partner or yourself (for example, a new baby, an elderly relative living with you, your step-children are moving in with you, a home foreclosure, or the breadwinner lost his/her employment)?

  • Has one of you kept a secret, had an affair, or been emotionally unavailable?

If you answered, “yes” to most of these questions, you and your partner could benefit from counseling to improve your relationship.

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