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206 pages
ISBN: 1-932841-03-2
Publisher: Agate, 2005
"This book, if you let it, will change your life."
— Marita Golden, bestselling author
of Don't Play in the Sun
If Only Love Came With Instructions...

Currently 55% of all marriages end in divorce. 

Only 57% of single Black men and women ever marry.

Why? Because too many men and women enter into relationships without seven ways to both find love and make love last.

Now in a newly revised and updated third edition—one of the most successful Black relationship guides ever. Read it and get the love you deserve!

This completely revised and updated new edition of Audrey B. Chapman's landmark relationship guide for African-Americans is your key to a successful 21st-century love life. Getting Good Loving is full of new, up-to-the-minute information on how to solve the challenges that face couples today. Learn how to find love—and make it last.
Getting Good Loving: 
Seven Ways to Find Love and Make It Last
By Audrey B. Chapman
288 pages
ISBN: 0-743-40601-X
Publisher: Pocket Books 
You know you're fine. 
Plus, you have a decent job, a nice place to live. 
You're smart and ambitious. 
So... where's your man?
Because you're so well pulled together and without a partner, you may have developed an attitude toward men. Believe it or not, men can sense what you think of them. For instance, when you meet a man, do you evaluate him as a possible partner or do you think of him as a potential friend? If you become open to him as a friend you may learn something from him that will forever enrich your life. Or he may ultimately become your lifelong partner or introduce you to him. The key is openness and you can't be receptive to love when an attitude creates a barrier around you.

In Seven Attitude Adjustments for Finding a Loving Man, renowned relationship therapist Audrey B. Chapman identifies the subtle attitudes Black women harbor that prevent us from from finding love and happiness. Without even knowing it we can be controlling, materialistic, cynical, desperate, and even hostile. Chapman shows us how to take time for ourselves—to figure out the exact traits we're looking for in a man to enable relationships to become learning experiences, not jumping-off points for developing resentment. She tells us how to evaluate potential partners so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. She also offers insightful and refreshing tips on how to meet and marry the man of our dreams.

Seven Attitude Adjustments for Finding a Loving Man 

By Audrey B. Chapman

Man Sharing
Dilemma or Choice, a Radical New Way of Relating to the Men in Your Life
By Audrey B. Chapman
166 pages
ISBN: 0688044557