Sexual Healing

Sexual healing can be used to connect when you are in love or it can be used to avoid love. You might find yourself being sexual just for the lust of it. Healthy sexuality suggests creating emotional intimacy, which is sharing the deepest thoughts and feelings from your heart. When you’re in a loving relationship you define the ways to express your feelings through your heart, mind, and soul. You are prepared to take full responsibility for your actions and relate to your partner with honesty and trust. Good loving involves practicing safe sex while providing a secure relationship Sexual healing can help you to make peace with any sexual unfinished business that you might have. Some people struggle with healthy sexuality because of traditional training within your family, religious institutions and educational systems. You may associate sex and your body with shame and guilt. As a result, you may split your erotic sensations from your ability to love. Sexual healing means embracing your fears and accepting your deeper longings. It’s knowing that strong sexual desire is about lust, and lust does not denote love in a relationship. Lust won’t maintain a long-term relationship. Once the passion is gone – so goes the relationship, which is why so many relationships are short-term. In relationships, sexual intimacy must be about bonding – emotionally, intellectually, sexually, and spiritually. Partners with the strongest connection to each other have the greatest possibility for lasting love.


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