Do You Think You Are Relating with Unrealistic Hope?

Do You Think You Are Relating with Unrealistic Hope? Take the following Study Quiz to determine whether you are your own worse enemy when it comes to love. If you answer yes to 5 out of the 8 questions seek therapy.

Please feel free to contact Audrey Chapman at 202-756-5042 and/or visit my website at

Study Quiz

1. Do you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship because you’ve been viewing it idealistically and not realistically?

2. Do you establish what is most important to you in your relationships early on or do you often find yourself putting his needs first?

3. Do you sweep the truth about the relationship under the carpet and deny your instincts?

4. Do you spend most of your time reacting to others’ behavior rather than thinking through what strategies work best and applying them?

5. Do you often find yourself going with the flow, not wanting to confront an unsatisfying relationship/date just to spare conflict?

6. Do you spend endless hours searching for Mr. Right while rejecting other men who do not fit your ideal image of a lover?

7. Do you make strong commitments to people who are not serious about relationships?

8. Do you sometimes feel that the lack of a serious relationship leaves you with no options, and dating the available men you know as a “stop gap” would be deceitful?


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