Loving Others

Loving others begins within families with siblings, friends and neighbors. It’s about learning how to love our fellow man. We learn how to love others as we are exposed to loving models such as our parents and other professionals (e.g. teachers, coaches, etc.) Loving others is how you treat, relate and care for your significant other. It requires random acts of kindness toward other individuals. The most effective way of loving others is good communication. This requires a willingness to listen patiently…even when you disagree. It requires giving up defenses, such as attitudes, that cause power struggles. It requires managing your sense of self-righteousness, being less controlling, reducing manipulation, and practicing the ability to love with empathy, which reduces hostility. When these skills are practiced, you can manage anger, reduce conflict and avoid communication barriers, thus creating loving harmony.Eight Ways to Make Love Last

  • You need to give up blaming

  • You need to give up the need to be right

  • Stop stonewalling tactics. (Stonewalling is shutting down or withdrawing.)

  • It helps to learn how to back off and surrender

  • Be more open minded

  • Have the major goal be understanding.

Try gratitude. Try to remember some of the good things that your partner represents in your life. • Give feedback in an honest and compassionate way.


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